Our Story

Founded in 2018, FlexiSAF Foundation is a non-governmental organization whose mission is to provide solutions to the scourge of illiteracy and the high numbers of out of school children in Nigeria.

The foundation was initiated by FlexiSAF Edusoft Ltd., out of an innate passion to solve educational challenges in Nigeria. One of the most unfortunate being the massive number of children and youth out of school without hope of ever getting empowered with a good education.

We are therefore committed to reducing these numbers by identifying inquisitive out of school children and equipping them with quality education (which includes guidance and counseling).

To back this project, a considerable percentage of FlexiSAF Edusoft’s profit goes to the foundation annually, but due to the massive number out there, there is a need for collaboration in order to make a substantial impact. We, therefore, accept donations and sponsorships from credible sources.

We offer education where the outcome transforms workplaces and changes the mindset of the community at large for a purposeful life.

Ahmad Salihijo • Chairman/Co-founder

Our Strategy


There are millions of children out of school in Nigeria. A quick stroll in the urban center of most states in Nigeria gives the glaring picture of these children.

We identify out of school children in marginalized communities, and verify their backgrounds and stories, in compliance to legal ethics.


As part of the organization’s enrolment strategy, we identify good schools within the same geographical location as a child and enrol them.

We have agreements with these schools to give particular attention to these children and help them fit in their new surroundings.


After enrolment, we provide children with well-trained mentors who are charged with ensuring the child’s overall well-being.

Mentors help their mentees through everyday challenges and guide them to make better decisions through effective guidance and counseling.


Millions of children in Nigeria are out of school with no hope for the future. It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.