Project Description

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 The FlexiSAF Foundation Mentorship Program was developed in order to combat the drop-out rates of out-of-school children that have been enrolled into a school by the Foundation.

Researchers have identified factors such as peer pressure, lack of parental guidance, poor academic performance, and early parenthood as some of the main causes of high dropout rates in Nigeria.

Through the mentorship program, FlexiSAF Foundations aims to provide academic and psycho-social support to students. Hence providing solutions for students and reducing dropout rates in Nigeria.

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Our goal

The program aims to promote child engagement in school, thereby improving the academic performance of out of school kids that are enrolled in school by the Foundation.  Ultimately, the goal of the program is to improve transition rates into higher levels of education and the eventual graduation of out of school children.

Our approach

The FlexiSAF Foundation Mentorship program has a two two-pronged approach when it comes to monitoring and evaluating a child’s progress. The first aspect involves the mentors monitoring the progress of children in school through scheduled visits. The mentor is responsible for supervising all aspects of the child’s academic environment, which includes attendance, disciplinary issues, academic progress, and social and behavioral issues. In the second aspect, mentors seek to establish the root of any issue through home visits and guidance counseling. The mentor also alerts the Foundation on any red flags concerning the children in their care.


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